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Lodestar: Chapter Five

March 3, 2019

Chapter Five


To: Terry Webster <terry.o.webster@pwproductions.com>

From: Stephen Clifford <wondertwinpowersactivate@yahoo.com>


Subject: Lodestar Investigation

Attachments: LodestarInvestigationNight1.wmv timestamps.doc olliekent.wmv


Sent: Monday July 30th, 2018  10:43 am


Hey Terry!


I hope things are going well back in LA!


Attached is the footage from our investigation at Northstar Beach. Jeremy doesn’t think there is anything usable from it, but I bet we can sweeten it up in post. Worst-case scenario we at least have some nice atmospheric beach shots for b-roll. Seriously, the way the moon reflected off the water is gorgeous at around the 35:43 mark.


I’ve also attached a word doc that has the time stamps for  more interesting bits from last night. Honestly, I think the reaction shots of Steph and Jeremy at the 85:32 mark is stellar. It was just a dog barking, but I think if we add some a music sting or sound effect there it would work. Also, tell me what you think of the 95:13 mark? There is like a shadow or something in the back that Jeremy is looking at. He didn’t seem to notice or care about it, but it could have potential. I’m a little undecided about it but you’ve got a better eye for stuff like that.


I’ve also attached footage from the Ollie Kent interview I was telling you about. This guy was a total gem! Very nice and was happy to talk to us all day if we wanted. His daughter was a little prickly though. If you could do me a favor and make sure that Doug doesn’t see that I’d appreciate it. I know that he’s been fuming ever since Joe let Jeremy off the hook for smashing the glass in his recording studio and I don’t want him to get even more upset.


I haven’t forgotten about your offer. If Stephanie leaves the show, I’d be happy to join your team. You know I hate all the on camera stuff. Besides, Jeremy is getting harder and harder to work with. His violent mood swings lately makes it feel like I’m walking on eggshells. I seriously don’t know what his problem is. The guy is a huge television star, has legions of fans, and you know the next contract he signs will be three times bigger than the last one. He’s living the dream.


Well, I gotta get going. Our next location is Baxter Hall at the Lodestar College and we’ve got another day of shooting ahead of us with the Dean. Mayor Queen warned us about her. She’s the local historian in the city and apparently not a fan of us or our program. I’m not sure why she’d agree to be interviewed by us then. Probably just another skeptic who don’t realize that our show is just meant for entertainment. I’m optimistic, though. Mayor Queen called Ollie Kent a raving lunatic and an idiot, but I thought he was nice. Maybe the mayor just has a problem with him?


Oh well, I’ll get the Baxter Hall footage to you ASAP.

Take care!

Stephen Clifford


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