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Lodestar: Chapter Seven

June 1, 2019

Monday July 30th, 2018


I feel like shit. I mean, I normally do the day after an investigation but I don’t think there is enough coffee in the world to keep me awake. Last night’s investigation was boring. We stood on a beach for five or six hours at night. Absolutely nothing happened. Good luck on finding anything useable, Stephen.

I had nightmares after the investigation: also, normal for the day after an investigation. Anyway, it was the house nightmare again. I’m in this big white house in the middle of nowhere. When I go in, it’s completely abandoned, but the floor is covered with stuff like someone emptied every drawer and closet onto the floor. So I sort through everything on the ground but the longer I do that the more I notice that I’m not alone. I keep digging through all the junk until I find myself in the attic. There is something in the attic that doesn’t want me to be there. I can’t see it, but I know it’s in the room's corner watching me. I usually wake up screaming as it moves towards me.


I talked to my therapist about it and she said I’m the house. By sorting through all the junk on the ground, I’m trying to find out something about myself and the thing in the attic is something I refuse to admit about myself. She thinks it’s my “true feelings” for Jeremy. I think she’s full of shit. Everyone thinks Jeremy and I are lovers. The fans online even write fan fiction where he saves me from some horror and we fall in love. If any of these people knew the real Jeremy Grecian they’d understand how far from the truth they are.


Not that Jeremy hasn’t tried. At least once or twice a day, he makes some veiled innuendo directed at me or touches me. Hell, I know when he’s been out drinking because I’ll get his late night “Hey, you up?” texts. I swear, if his uncle wasn’t over our show I would have dragged his ass online for his bullshit.


We had dinner tonight with Mayor Queen, the guy who owns the Harbor Hotel & Casino, and the woman who owns the Lodestar Tribune and it was as boring as it sounds. I didn’t even bother to remember their names. These three are the movers and shakers of this city and what a claim to fame that must be. Congratulations, you guys run a town that’s not seen any economic growth since Clinton was in office. Give yourselves a big pat on the back.


I shouldn’t be so negative on this place; it’s nice. When I’m not getting bogged down with all of this paranormal bullshit Stephen and I have had a good time checking this place out. This morning we went to this coffee shop called “The Monkey House” that had all of this art on the walls from local artists. Honestly, when you get to a city this size “thriving art community” aren’t the words that immediately come to mind. There was this one artist in particular, Riley Coleman, whose work would fit in well with what’s in the galleries back in LA. I asked the owner if I could buy one of his pieces but she said Riley doesn’t want to sell anything. That’s the mark of a pretentious LA artist all right. Oh, and the coffee wasn’t that bad either. Stephen wants to go back tomorrow to talk to the owner again and I wouldn’t mind tagging along.


Anyway, the movers and shakers told us more about the city and recommended more people to talk to. Mayor Queen said he’d put in a call to the local college tomorrow to set up an interview with the Dean of Students. Apparently there is a demon in one of their buildings. Whoopty-shit. Mayor Queen warned us about the dean though. Said she could be a real bitch.


The newspaper woman also suggested we talk to this old guy named Marty Byrne at some point. Byrne has supposedly been in the city for eighty-some years and probably has a good story or two inside him. Hopefully, he’s not as big a crackpot as that Ollie Kent guy. I swear, I don’t know where these people come from. They still had lead in paint back when he was a kid, right?


One weird thing is that I asked the casino owner about the building next to his business where I saw the guy in the black jacket the other night. I saw no signs or anything on the building that suggested what business it was when Stephen and I were out today. The casino guy said it had been empty for about a year now. It’s scheduled for demolition sometime later this month so he can build a new apartment building. So, I guess the guy in the black jacket is a squatter?


Okay, I looked out the window, and that light is on and the guy in the black jacket is at the desk again. Maybe he has a lantern or something? He’s looking up at my window again. Great.


Tomorrow is another day of filming. I’m going to bed.


Posted by Stephanie Clifford 07/30/2018 9:14 pm

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