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Lodestar: Chapter Eight

June 9, 2019


Chapter Eight


To: Terry Webster <terry.o.webster@pwproductions.com>

From: Stephen Clifford <wondertwinpowersactivate@yahoo.com>


Subject: Lodestar Investigation Night 2

Attachments: LodestarInvestigationNight2.wmv timestamps.doc SandyPierce.wmv, BaxterHallReading.wmv


Sent: Wednesday August 1st, 2018  11:39 am


Hey Terry,


Please see the attached for the files from yesterday’s filming. We’ve got the Baxter Hall investigation, the Sandy Pierce interview, Stephanie’s psychic reading of the building, and the associated time-stamps to moments of interest. Good stuff this time that should totally make up for the underwhelming Northstar Beach footage.


I’ll be honest, man. Things got a little tense last night. Sandy Pierce really laid into Jeremy during our interview and he was just in a pissy mood all day for it. He practically bit a waitress’ head off at lunch for messing up his order. I have to hand it to him though; Stephanie always told me that Jeremy was a hell of a method actor back in the day, but he really had me going last night.


The Baxter Hall Reading footage is the usual stuff. Stephanie picks up the auras of the building and all the places inside where people have had sightings… yadda yadda yadda. Jeremy stands outside and goes over the stories about the school over the year. Add some creepy stuff and music stings and those should be fine. Oh, and I think maybe we should do a re-enactment of the murder? We can shoot that when we get back to LA.


You’ll see this at the 45:13 mark. We’re down in the basement where the murder happened and Stephanie went all in on the psychic stuff. She wailed and screamed, grabbed the walls and cried. I swear as time goes on she gets increasingly over the top. I guess she’s really gunning for that spin-off, huh? I assume Jeremy didn’t want to be outdone because he absolutely laid into his demonic possession routine.


We hadn’t discussed this either… he just did it. The weird part is he didn’t do the rituals or spout the magic words or any of that other stuff he normally does. Just out of the blue he punched one of the glass display cases. Look at the blank expression on his face when he does it too (which looks especially cool with the nightvision on). The guy is bleeding all over the place and he’s as cool as a cucumber. Anyway, like the footage shows, at 54:26 mark he “comes to” and we had to stop filming so he could get his hand wrapped up.


The best in all of this is just how committed he was. An hour after we had stopped filming he still acted like he had no memory of punching that trophy case. I think we’ve got footage of that if you want to throw it in. Anyway, wild stuff!


So here’s the not-so-fun part. Dean Pierce was already not happy with us being on campus and she’s definitely not happy with the mess we made. I made sure we got all the blood and glass cleaned up, but she’s still pissed off that we broke one of the display cases in her building. Warn the guys in legal that this lady will ring them up shortly to demand pay for the damages. I mean, it’s a glass display case. Those can’t cost too much, right?

Give my love to the rest of the team. We’ve got a few more days of filming and then it’s bye-bye Lodestar.

  • Stephen


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