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Lodestar: Chapter Ten

June 30, 2019

Chapter 10


Friday August 3rd, 2018


I hate coming back to this room. My nightmares have only gotten worse since we filmed the interview with Marty Byrne and he freaked out when he said he saw the man in the black jacket. Jeremy said he saw a guy in a black jacket too but his description of him didn’t match the guy I’ve seen across the street in the supposed vacant building. For all we know, it was just a guy in a black jacket and Marty is senile. Really, though, so what if it had been the same guy in the black jacket across the street? Why does that thought bother me so much?


Last night I dreamt that I was at the window of the hotel and I could see him staring up at me from the room in the building across the street. His face was pale and lacked any emotion. He looked up at me, the same way someone would look up to read a street sign. When I looked again, he wasn’t in the window anymore but the sidewalk in front of the building. He was still staring at me. I heard a knock at my hotel door and turned away from the window. I saw him looking at me through the peephole of my hotel room door. Before I could look away, I felt a pair of cold hands grab my arms from behind.


Then I woke up. My arms hurt but I think I must have just grabbed them myself while I was dreaming. I think I’m just letting my mind play tricks on me. I’ve been so stressed from working on the show and the possibility I’ll be getting my own that I’m probably just seeing things that aren’t there. Still, I slept terribly. I don’t think I’m the only one either.


Stephen has been fine, but he’s never let himself get creeped out by any of the things we’ve done. Jeremy though? Something is getting to him. No one else will probably notice because they don’t him like I do. To be frank, Jeremy has always been a volatile, explosive jackass but I can tell that something is different. I mean, there was the incident at the school where he punched through that plate glass display case but he’s just been… off. Ever since he talked to the Dean of that school his temper has been getting shorter and shorter. He always seems to be two seconds away from a meltdown.


After Marty freaked out and went into the Worthington bar, Jeremy went in after him to convince him to finish the interview. The poor old guy was too spooked to go any further but Jeremy wasn’t accepting that as an answer. He went ape-shit and threw a barstool into the mirror behind the bar. The guy who owned the place rightfully called the police and Jeremy left the building in handcuffs. The mayor of Lodestar put a call into the station and the cops let Jeremy go if he agreed to pay for the damages to the bar but still that didn’t seem right.


I mean, I get it. Jeremy has a tendency of hurling furniture through windows when he’s mad but this time? He didn’t seem to intimidate him or anything like that. He wasn’t even looking at Marty when he did it. Jeremy was staring at himself in the reflection of the mirror the whole time. It was like he saw something he didn’t like.


Jeremy said nothing when we picked him up from the police station. When Stephen tried to talk to him about tonight’s filming or even the weather Jeremy didn’t respond; he stared out the window as if we were a million miles away. This is new from him. I’m used to him not letting go of things and ranting and raving until someone has to calm him down. It’s like he’s just numb to everything now. He did the same thing after he put his fist through that display case. I don’t really care how many more episodes are on my contract; I don’t think I can continue to work with Jeremy like that happens again. The sooner I can move on from Trips and build my brand the better.


Today is our last full day in Lodestar. After tonight’s investigation of the Holcomb House, we have an 11am checkout and then board a plane back to LA at 1pm. I don’t feel one way or the other about this city itself. When you investigate hauntings and demon possessions, they almost always take place in smaller towns and cities and if you’ve seen one, then you will have seen them all. Lodestar isn’t a bad place, mind you. I want to be away from Jeremy.


Stephen and I spent most of our morning at The Monkey House again which was nice. We met up with the owner again and her weird girlfriend Vic. Turns out Vic runs the local newspaper which people write off as a conspiracy theory rag. She kept asking me these odd questions about Mayor Queen and the guy who owns the hotel since we had dinner with both men. Her girlfriend apologized to us and said Vic gets like this whenever she finds out someone has talked to the Mayor. Vic laughed off our show when I brought it up though. I guess she prefers her conspiracies to be about shadowy government organizations than things that go bump in the night.


I looked out the hotel window to see if I could see the man in the black jacket again but the room where I’ve seen him in is dark and empty. I don’t know why it would matter if I had seen him but Marty creeped me out. “Don’t let him touch you.” Yeah, no need to instruct me on that one. Tonight can’t come soon enough. I want Lodestar to be in my rearview mirror.  


Posted by Stephanie Clifford 08/03/2018 11:37 am


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